'Just a little pinprick'
Geukens&DeVil gallery Antwerp

To Be Antwerp 2021
Geukens&DeVil gallery Antwerp

Master expo 2021
the royal academy of fine arts Antwerp
'I'll Be in my blanket-fort, colouring'

Group exhibition

Antwerp art weekend

17/05/24-12/01/25  MHKA | museum of contemporary art in Antwerpen, 

       De Stadscollectie Antwerpen is a lively tribute to the artists who give colour to the city of Antwerp. From emerging                                             talent to established names, this collection highlights local creativity but also the global influence of Antwerp’s art                                             scene. 

16/05-19/05 Don’t Go to strangers” At Current Antwerpen during Antwerp Art weekend 

22/03 - 16/05 Panta Rhei” Current Antwerp also during Antwerp Art 


16/3-27/4 2024 Echoes Antwerp”  a group exhibition, a dialogue between contemporary art and artefacts from the African                                     continent Antwerp, Belgium

25/11-23/12/23 The Long Goodbye”  a group exhibition celebrates the long journey of Geukens en de Vil gallery, gathering                                    all artists who have collaborated or represented by the gallery at the gallery location in Antwerp Belgium.

7-29/10/ 23 Echoes”  a group exhibition, a dialogue between contemporary art and artefacts from the African                                                   continent Knoke, Belgium

10/09/2023 FAAR and beyond” a group exhibition and open studios 

Antwerp Belgium

01/07-31/07-23 “Twist. Add. stack.”  Featuring Hilde overbergh, Leen van Tichelin at Hilde Van Daele Gallery. Watou                                               Belgium

8/11-24/11 Square-shaped Heart” Duo exhibition with Inge Trienekens 

at CAI03 gallery, Sapporo , Japan 

15/9-15/10 “Larey G’s Living Room”  Group show invited by Coppejans Gallery Antwerp 

21/4/2022 A Wild Thing”  a trio show featuring Alessio Capone, Max Beets and Moataz Alqaissy 

24/2/2022 Sur Un Parquet Bien Ciré” group exhibition at Martin van Blerk gallery Mechelsesteenweg 18 Antwerp

29/10/2021 FAAR”

Group expo./open studio in Hertstraat Deurne, Antwerp

04/09/2021 Terrain Vague 

Group expo. At Plein magazijn Antwerp 

01/07/2021 Encore Master expo. Huidevettersstraat 39, 2000 Antwerp Group exhibition curated by Spank Moons 

24-27/06/2021 Master Expo 2021 

Lange Zaal, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp 

05/2021 PICTU>RE>IMAGE Group exhibition curated by Spank Moons 

Wintertuin Royal academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. 

03/2020 Tangier group exhibition  participation in a book group edition number 2 at TickTack Gallery Antwerpen 

12/2019 10x1 group exhibition at the Royal academy of fine arts Antwerp