In the realm of painting, Moataz Alqaissy (°1986, Baghdad) demonstrates an approach, exploring the possibilities of the medium and challenging its conventions.  Alqaissy seeks to question the essence of painting itself.

Rather than accepting the notion that painting has reached its limits, Alqaissy pushes its boundaries, pondering questions that resonate within art history. He explores the spatial relationship between a painting and its environment, seeking to transcend imposed limits and redefine what constitutes a painting.

Alqaissy draws inspiration from his dual cultural heritage, having grown up in Iraq and now residing in Belgium, gracefully navigating the delicate balance between two worlds. His artistic journey is shaped by profound experiences influenced by the realities of war, instability, migration, and displacement. These experiences have left a profound impact on his artistic expression, evident in certain works.

In each canvas’s fold and every  tear on the surface, one can perceive the resilience and longing for stability forged from a turbulent past. The liberated canvases become vessels for personal narratives of struggle and hope. Alqaissy’s paintings bear witness to the complexities of human existence, delicately intertwining threads of memory and reflection.

However, Alqaissy humbly refrains from positioning himself as an activist, allowing his paintings to serve as an extension of his personal narrative and experiences. By freeing the canvas from its traditional function, he creates a space for the emergence of free forms, inviting viewers to contemplate universal aspects of human emotion and resilience.

Within the artist’s studio, a vibrant interplay of colors, forms, and textures unfolds. Alqaissy seeks harmony in this dynamic process, continually refining and balancing the primary and painterly elements. His artistic journey becomes a metaphor for self-discovery and transformation, reflecting the challenges faced in the aftermath of upheaval.

As you immerse yourself in Moataz’s artistic universe, you are invited to witness the interplay between tradition and innovation, form and emotion. His paintings serve as visual dialogues, evoking personal connections that transcend cultural boundaries. Alqaissy expands the horizons of painting, encouraging us all to dream beyond rectangular planes and embrace the limitless possibilities that await.





Master Visual Arts 


Specialisation Fine Arts. Painting, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


Bachelor Visual Arts


Specialisation Fine Arts. Painting, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp


Visual Art 



College of art | Baghdad University



M HKA The Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp 


Prizes and grants 

 Marianne van Vyve prize 


Royal academy of fine arts Antwerp 


Art residencies 

Tenjinyama Art residency Sapporo , Japan 

15/10-30/11 2022 



Geukens & De Vil 

contemporary art gallery 

Leopoldplaats 12 


Solo exhibitions

 “Just a little pinprick”


Solo exhibition at Gallery Geukens en De Vil Leopoldplaats 12 Antwerp

 To Be Antwerp


Solo exhibition at Gallery Geukens en De Vil Leopoldplaats 12 



Group exhibition 


The Long Goodbye 


A group show with all the artist that have been part of Geukens en De Vil gallery for the last time. 


7-29 / 10 / 2023

A dialogue between Western contemporary art and antique artworks from the African continent

Featuring artworks by Moataz alqaissy, Babs Decruyenaere, Mathew Feyld, Sofie Müller, Jaromir Novotny
Marthe Wery


01/7 -31/7   2023

A group exhibition featuring the works of Leen Van Tichelen, Hilde Overbergh, and Moataz Alqaissy at the Hilde Vandaelen Gallery in Watuo, Belgium.

Square-shaped Heart.


Duo exhibition with Inge Trienekens, at CAI03 gallery, Sapporo , Japan 

 Larey G’s Living Room 


Group show invited by Coppejans Gallery Antwerp 

 A Wild Thing 


a trio show featuring Alessio Capone Max Beets

And Moataz Alqaissy 


Sur Un Parquet Bien Ciré


Group exhibition at Martin van Blerk gallery, Mechelsesteenweg 18 Antwerp



Group expo./open studio in Hertstraat Deurne, Antwerp


Terrain Vague 


Group expo. At Plein magazijn Antwerp 




Master expo. Huidevettersstraat 39, 2000 Antwerp Group exhibition curated by Spank Moons 


Master Expo 2021 


Lange Zaal, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp 




Group exhibition curated by Spank Moons 

Wintertuin Royal academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. 


October to November/2020

Artists initiative. 

 Bar Leon, a series of exhibitions around the city of Antwerp. 

Tangier group exhibition


Participation in a book group edition number 2 at Tick Tack Gallery Antwerpen 



Group exhibition at the Royal academy of fine arts Antwerp